Journal of Celtic Language Learning

NAACLT publishes an annual peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Celtic Language Learning, or JCLL, for researchers, teachers and learners of modern Celtic languages. JCLL includes research articles on topics in Celtic linguistics, teaching-oriented pieces describing a successful teaching technique or a language program, reviews of new books, software, or films of Celtic interest, and the keynote addresses from our annual conferences.

JCLL's mission, similar to that of NAACLT, is to provide another forum in which teachers and applied linguists can contribute to the literature presently available on second language acquisition as well as increase communication among Celtic language teachers and researchers.

News (February 2017): The board and membership of NAACLT have agreed to relaunch JCLL as an fully open access, peer-reviewed electronic journal as of volume 19, which we plan to publish here in 2017.  Prior to this, printed copies of the journal were distributed only to NAACLT members and academic libraries; by moving to an open access model we hope to reach a much wider audience and increase the impact of the research published in JCLL. Costs associated with producing the journal are covered by NAACLT membership dues, and the editors are grateful to the board for supporting us in this way. We encourage readers to help sustain the open access model by joining NAACLT.

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